Windows Server 2022 Standard 1PC Download License

Windows Server 2022 Standard 1PC Download License

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Windows Server 2022 - A Business Oriented Software Solution


An Exceptional Experience

A bettered and modernized infrastructure of connected applications, web services, and networks.

Secured-core server

Certified Secured-core server hardware from an OEM partner offers additional security protections to fight against sophisticated attacks. This can provide increased assurance while handling mission-critical data in some of the most data-sensitive industries.

Hardware root-of-trust

Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (abbreviated as TPM 2.0) secure crypto-processor chips provide a guarded, hardware-based store for sensitive cryptographic keys and data, including systems integrity measurements.

Firmware protection

Firmware is often invisible to traditional anti-virus solutions, resulting in an increase in the number of firmware-based attacks. Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement (DRTM) enables secured-core server processors to support boot processes' measurement and verification. With Direct Memory Access (DMA) protection, it supports isolation of driver access to memory.


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